Windows 11’s Best Tips And Tricks To Try

As in Windows 10, you can drag windows to the sides of the screen to adjust them to a specific position. When you hover over the Maximize / Restore button, you will see a grid of possible designs that you can choose to automatically customize the applications to your screen. This includes some new designs, Thu thuat Windows 11 such as viewing three applications side by side. When you take the first application, Windows will guide you to finish the design with the desired applications. Windows still offers multiple virtual desktops, which I find incredibly useful for separating work applications and websites from personal ones.

The black and white square icon is the task view and you can open all your applications. You can also float over the icon to see the desktops, which we will discuss later. This includes thumbnails, downloads, caches, delivery optimization files, update logs, commentary diagnosis, temporary internet files, files from previous version, etc. As you can see, options for locally backing up your files to external storage or making a full backup are not available on this page.

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and effort decorating the user experience to make the version even more attractive for Windows. But as with any new operating system launch, there will certainly be twists during the trip. PC Guide is there to help you keep track of news, tips and tricks, and any other information you need to seamlessly change when Windows 11 starts.

Check out the top 10 things you can do to make your app great on Windows 11, including the support guarantee for rounded corners in your apps. Designed based on your feedback, the new design gives you a natural and consistent experience in all your Office applications. Learn how to be an office expert and try the most intuitive office here. After running the configuration experience, The Get Started app is a new first-run experience application that allows you to quickly configure on a new PC. Currently, Startup has a limited number of pages but over time, we plan to add more content to educate and help new people in Windows 11.

When you send the first message to one of them, the application sends an invitation to join the teams. A strange thing about the interface is that once you are in a chat, you see a second taskbar icon for teams along with the centered chat icon, which seems unnecessary duplication to me. The problem for me is that the Start menu has always been in exactly the same place, but if you run more programs now it moves a little more to the left. Not having to think about the position of the Start button at all was an advantage in Windows versions that were over 20 years old.

If you want to clean up the installation of Windows 11 but keep your files, look for solutions such as backups of cloud storage or backup devices. Attaching external hardware and saving your files while installation is a great solution. We hope that Windows 11 Pro contains some useful features for advanced users or people working in organizations. Usually, the Pro version of Microsoft systems contains some additional security measures and settings.

Provides me quick access to documents, photos and applications I recently installed. To have a specific window available on multiple desktops, open the Desktop Computers view, right-click the application and select Show this window on all desktops. Selecting windows of this application on all desktops does the same for any open version of the application. For a more visual way to distinguish between virtual desktops, Windows 11 allows you to add a custom background to each.