Two Basic Types Of Flange Guards

Do you know your chemical industry is at risk? Yes, you heard it right. Basically, in a PTFE flange guards (India) chemical industry, there are more than a hundred dangerous chemicals used on a regular basis that may create a big risk to the man and material. These chemicals sometimes blow out from the pipe joints or valves because of many reasons. These sudden spray outs may damage your overall industry and also harm your workers.

To avoid this situation you need a Flange Guard that is specifically designed to give protection from the catastrophic effects of dangerous chemical to your industry. Therefore, these are highly demanded in the market. Flange Guards manufacturers design it with different specifications and material, but among all, its two basic types are mostly used in various industries. To know about them have a look below.

PTFE Flange Guards: One of the common of its type is PTFE Flange Guards, which is actually made of different material, joint type, and pressure ratings. It’s these three specifications also known as three-layered in this product. These are commonly used in various beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and many other industries, in order to avoid the situation of spray outs. It is known for its PTFE Coating, fine finish, high durability, smooth performance, and longevity. These are very flexible and enable visual disclosure of leakage in the whole flange through its transparent glass.

PP Flange Guards: Another important of its type is PP Flange Guards, which require special attention at the time of its manufacturing. Therefore, these are designed under harsh conditions with the latest technologies. These are safe to use and helpful in avoiding any incident at your worksite. It is known for its accuracy feature. Its design is completely different and it actually comes up with a PH indication patch that changes its color to give an indication of a leak in advance, so, that you can easily take the necessary action within a mean time.

Both of its above-mentioned types are highly protective in nature and are very easy to install and remove. You can buy any of the above as per the need of your industry. You just need to remain one thing in your mind is that these Flange Guards cannot use to stop spray outs. It only stops the chemicals from flowing out till the isolation of pipe joints or valves, so, that you can take necessary actions to overcome such situation and to decrease the chances of any loss.

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