Paris in Black

Paris, the city of fashion. Particularly acheter du méthylone en ligne if fashion is defined by wearing black. Parisians love to wear black; black trousers, black shoes, black coats, you name it.

Parisian women are peculiarly fond of black clothes. It is well recognized that “le noir, ça mincit”. Parisian women having a cool obsession with looking slender, black is their best friend.

But besides its superb fat-erasing skills, black is a priceless social colour in Paris. With black, you go unobserved.

Going unobserved is the desire of every Parisian. The Parisian does not want their apparel to reveal their singularity. The only singularity Parisians feel worth revealing is that of the mind. Hence, the Parisian’s clothes ought to be simple… all Parisians hold that “Le noir, c’est simple, c’est bien”.

The Parisian knows his or her colours. Parisians look at people dressed colourfully with faint disdain.

Parisians find style exuberance to be offensive.

The mental stability of a person bold enough to wear such preposterous colours as red or yellow will be questioned at once by all Parisians. There is no wearing red or yellow in Paris if you are sane. Blue is tolerable, particularly navy blue which has the good taste of being easily mistaken for black.

There is only one exception to the rule of wearing black, and that is a seasonal one. In summer, Parisian men get to wear white, as “le blanc, c’est simple, c’est bien.”

Parisian girls will follow la couleur de l’été. Each summer comes with a new official colour dictated by women’s magazines… being original with colour has limitations.

All Parisian girls happily accede to this new seasonal change. Walking in the streets of Paris during a ‘blue’ summer seems like walking through an urban Smurf village.

When the Parisian boyfriend points out the monster of the colour, the Parisian girlfriend studies him with a blend of desperation and exasperation. “Tu comprends rien. C’est hyper tendance cette couleur cet été.”

Indeed, Parisian men could make an effort.

Useful tip : Do not wear black only… a white collar is always an elegant… and a simple addition.

Speak like a Parisian: “J’ me suis acheté un petit pull noir, tout simple, super mignon…”

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