Make Money From Homemade Beauty Products

Why make your own?

Bath salts and sugar scrubs can be pricey in the shops, but they’re so simple and cheap to produce that you can A no-nonsense make an easy profit selling them as gifts. Most of the ingredients can be bought in the supermarkets and there are loads of websites where you can get hold of all the other items.

You can make personalised packaging, cater for people with allergies, produce vegan friendly products and work on your own signature products that aren’t available elsewhere. This flexibility beats the high street hands down, plus you can probably charge much less than the high street equivalents, but still make a healthy profit.

Once you’re confident of your abilities you can start hosting product parties for friends and family and make some real cash from your hobby.


Some of the things included in the recipes below may seem incredibly obscure, but they are actually very easy to get hold of and are much cheaper than you might expect.

  • Plant fats/butters -solid fats extracted from certain tropical plants used in body bars, moisturisers and creams. Commonly used ones are cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut butter and mango butter.
  • Plant oils- liquid fats extracted from certain plants. You can use them to dilute essential oils or blend them with the solid butters to make creams and moisturisers. Some commonly used ones are almond oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil.
  • Macerated oils- plant oils with medicinal herbs and scented flowers added to them. They can be made at home and include calendula oil, rose oil, carrot oil and monoi de tahiti.
  • Essential oils – concentrated aromatic essences distilled from certain plants. Commonly used ones are rose (for rejuvenating mature skin), lavender (for cleansing and healing), rosemary (for hair-care) and chamomile (for soothing skin).
  • Additional ingredients include flower waters/distillates – used in deodorants, facial toners and moisturisers – and herbs/flowers – the ‘active ingredient’ which can be used whole, ground down or infused.

You might try sites like Baldwins and Sheabuttercottage where you can buy these ingredients at reasonable prices. Aromantic is also a good site for herbs and flowers.

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