How To Look Sexy For Valentines Day

Would you like to look leaner, shapelier on Valentines day?

You could cheat to get that leaner, shapelier look for valentines day. Dressing right for Plus size waist trainer for womens your coloring and your figure type and straightening your posture visually takes at least ten pounds off your frame.

The fastest way to look slimmer is to stand up straight and to sit up straight. Imagine a string attached to your head, pulling you up. Make a conscious effort to pull your belly button into your spine. That alone would make you look 5 pounds slimmer.

Ever wondered how the stars look so stunning at the awards. Yes, they have the money to pay people make them look good. Top designers clamour to put these stars in their most beautiful creations. Still, they have to take care of their figures. Most have a personal trainer. Some of the women might hardly eat or drink anything the day they have to look their best in skin tight dresses. Notice how the tummy bulges after a heavy meal. How you seem to bloat up due to water retention if you take too much salt. Some go so far as to starve themselves and drink the bare minimum to keep their tummies flat and the bloat away. Sounds drastic to me. Something I doubt I’d want to try. Still, for an emergency, it is a possibility.
The next slimming cheat is by wearing something that holds in and cinches your waist. Problem with control top panties is that all the blubber would bulge right above the waist-line. Not an appealing sight. Since the fat would be forced to bulge where the underwear ends, go for a teddy. Think they fit only the stick thin models? Plus size shapewear that are made for big women too would take pounds off your waist, visibly, and give you a sleeker silhouette. Pick one that covers your waist completely so that the excess bulges at your bustline, for that hourglass effect.

Speaking of the hourglass effect, there’s something about the male fixation on breasts that women have exploited for centuries. Even stick thin models have unnaturally large breasts, due to surgery, stuffing wads of tissue paper into the bra, using padded bras or other means. Women do it because of the effect large breasts on a thin body have on the typical red blooded male. Want to look sexy? Wear a push up bra. It does wonders for your figure. If you have to go bra-less. Consider getting duct tape to tape your breasts together for a better cleavage.

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