How Casinos Work During an epidemic

Planning to prepare a casino to open after a viral pandemic. Casinos can only continue to operate after they receive permission from their respective governments, although many are currently choosing to remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, gaming activities are only available in a virtual or online on 바카라사이트.

However, any casino will no longer be able to remain as noisy and versatile as before. They’ll have fewer games, more protective barriers, and a lot less fuss.

Most of the major casino chains have yet to set final opening dates, although they are gradually releasing details of the modifications they will be making to their establishments to limit the spread of the virus, in part based on government regulations.

In any case, the casino will have to adjust its business practices, develop plans to limit the number of people at the card tables, and disinfect items.

Security measures

Now casinos are playing slot machines at the proper distance, installing hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the territory, requiring employees to wear masks and gloves, increasing the frequency of cleaning counters and card tables, and using thermal cameras to check the body temperature of people entering the premises.

People should be at least two arms apart when sitting or standing.

Game availability

The newly reopened casinos will not have poker, sports betting, keno and bingo – in part because of the large crowd, and also because the casino needs to bring in enough staff first to run all these games.

The atmosphere of the casino and even the dynamics and strategy of some games will change. For example, dice tables may only be allowed to have six players at a time.

Usually, 20-25 people sit at the hot table.

Partitions between gaming tables and machines

In games like blackjack, players are no longer allowed to touch the cards and decks will change more often, especially when there is a dealer change. Consideration of the possibility of installing plastic partitions between slot machines, as well as at card tables, to separate dealers from players and players from each other is urgently required.

For example, Las Vegas-based Screaming Images is currently developing and testing recyclable transparent acrylic partitions for semi-insulating people.

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