Full Face Suba Mask

If you are going scuba diving and you want to be able 運動口罩 to breathe naturally through both your nose and mouth, you will need a mask that covers both your face and your mouth. A full face scuba mask will protect your entire face and will allow you to see clearly underwater during your dive. While it is mainly professional divers that use a full face scuba mask, they can also be used for recreational diving.

If you are a frequent diver, you may find this type of mask to be a more logical choice. The full face scuba mask will decrease discomfort during your dive as you will not have to hold the mouthpiece in your mouth preventing some jaw fatigue. Make sure your full face scuba mask has straps that attach it firmly to your head if a full face scuba mask gets pulled off during the dive it would be bad news since the full face scuba mask contains the demand valve or mouthpiece that provides breathing gas to the diver.

As you might imagine, putting on and taking off this mask can be a bit more involved than with a regular sport mask & separate mouthpiece. For this reason many masks have a breathing valve that allows the diver to easily switch between atmospheric breathing and breathing using the mask apparatus.

Another advantage of using a mask made for scuba divers is that an intercom system can be used in the mask to assist divers in communicating underwater. It is true that a mask that covers your entire face is more involved than using a sport mask, but for professional divers who will be spending a great deal of time underwater and who may have to perform complicated tasks it is the more sensible choice. One last concern while diving is to increase visibility while using a mask. In order to keep the mask from becoming foggy underwater a demister solution can be used.

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